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Calentis (Cal)
Savannah, GA

Cal, as he prefers to be called, approached my dog Maxx and asked if he could “pet up my dog”? As we talked I realized Cal was my painting for this day. The first words out of his mouth concerning my project shocked and amazed me. “I am a Sci-Fi guy.” If I had imagined a thousand possibilities as to Cal’s first words, Sci-Fi would not have been on that list.

It turns out that Cal is a lover of Marvel and DC comic books. He was waiting for the library to open so he could delve into the next graphic novel on his list. I asked Cal to choose his favorite Comic Book character. He considered the question with some struggle and seeing his indecision I suggested he choose three characters. This put him somewhat at ease and he slowly revealed his three favorite super heroes.

Wolverine, Spiderman and Batman.

Side note: The pencil I first put to paper as a young boy was to trace Spiderman. The beginning of where I am today.

Met at the Bean coffee shop, 7/8/2011

Holy Juxtiposition Batman

Dimensions - 20 x 30"

oil on canvas

Thanks Cal for a great trip back to my boyhood!

The following painting is a portrait of Cal


20 x 30"

oil on canvas