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Savannah, GA
Hope, Coleus Flower

I arrived at Alexander, SCAD’s painting department building, at 8:00 Saturday morning. The building doesn’t open until 10:00 on weekends. I headed back home, retrieved Maxx and headed to the river walk. I imagined that it would be crawling with people by 8:30 but it was not. There was an older African American lady sitting on one bench reading her Bible, we passed by her and continued down the river walk. There were a few others along the way but not much of interest. I decided to return to the lady, Maxx and I sat on the bench a short way from hers. We waited there a few minutes then strolled in her direction. I stood in front of her until she looked up to acknowledge my presence. I told her that was my favorite book also. I sat beside her and explained what I was doing. She went on to tell of her family and how it had been riddled with illness and disease.  As she put it, “some had passed and some had lived.” She told me about her grandmother and how she loved her garden. Mary herself had planted a garden because it represents hope to her and in many family situations hope and prayer were all they had. Her favorite plants are Coleus or as her grandmother called them Cotys.

Mary wants to see Cotys, to her a symbol of hope.

Coleus (Coty)

20 x 30”

Oil on canvas